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SLIWINSKI v. HARRINGTON, 672 A.2d 465 (R.I. 1996)(Mem)

An equally divided court affirmed the decision of the Administrative Adjudication Court Appeals Panel’s decision rescinding an order suspending Plaintiff’s driver’s license.  Plaintiff had secured a “limited” Florida driver’s license (valid in Florida only) and the department therefore suspended her Rhode Island driver’s license pursuant to sec. 31-11-16.


STATE v. BETTENCOURT, 766 A.2d 391 (R.I. 2001)>

Maximum sentence upheld for conviction of two counts of driving so as to endanger, death resulting, notwithstanding defendant’s claim that his sentence was enhanced simply because he held a commercial driver’s license, holding that trial judge was bound only by statutory limits, and even though trial court properly considered defendant’s possession of a CDL, that factor was not the linchpin upon which the decision was based.


Adoption of Federal Regulations

What Constitutes a CMV

Major Disqualifying Offenses

Major Disqualifying Offenses (Alcohol)

Serious Traffic Offenses

Identification of Conviction

Masking Convictions

10-Day Posting Requirement

Other CDL Provisions

Disqualifications for Railroad/Out of Service



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