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CVSA expert sheds light on cross-border operations

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Operation Safe Driver Week will focus on speeding as the second most common driver violation in the US, according to Kerri Wirachowsky, director of inspection programs at CVSA. The webinar also emphasized the need for educating drivers on cross-border operations and differences in regulations, particularly regarding electronic Record of Duty Status (eRODS) violations due to the recent enforcement of electronic logging devices (ELDs) in Canada.

Ask the right questions: ELDs are designed to ensure compliance with HOS, not for use as life-saving devices

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is evaluating the effectiveness of electronic logging devices (ELDs) in achieving the intended safety outcomes. While initial statistics suggest that ELDs have not reduced highway fatalities, some experts argue that the focus should be on making hours of service (HOS) regulations more flexible to address factors like detention time and traffic congestion that affect drivers’ ability to comply with driving limits.

Putting the Brakes on Human Trafficking

Presentation by Judge Gayle Williams-Byers (Ret.)

Tribal Enforcement and Adjudicatory Jurisdiction Over Commercial Motor Vehicles Operating on Roadways and Rights-Of-Way in Indian Country

By Hon. Jan W. Morris (Ret.)

There are more than 164,000 miles of roadways within Indian country, including rights-of-way for rural state and interstate highways. Annually more than 500,000 crashes involve a large truck or bus. The majority of nearly 4,500 fatal crashes involving large trucks occur in rural areas. The threat posed by unsafe commercial vehicles and non-Indian operators to the health and welfare of the tribe as well as the safety of all motorists supports the authority of Indian tribes to enact, enforce, and adjudicate commercial motor vehicle and commercial driver’s license civil regulations over all roadways and rights-of-way within tribal lands where it is not uncommon for tribal law enforcement officers to have the primary patrol responsibility.

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Awareness of Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Cases Involving Marijuana for Judges & Officers of the Court

By Honorable Larry Sage

The Department of Transportation (DOT) prohibits the use of certain drugs and requires periodic drug and alcohol testing for all Commercial Driver’s Licensed (CDL) holders/drivers.  In the National Judicial College’s (NJC) Webinar on 04/18/2023, it was reported that the alcohol-related civilian driving arrests were substantial but alcohol-related fatalities were declining.  That was the good news, but the bad news included a rise in drug and marijuana-impaired driver cases.

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